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Hamilton, NJ 08690
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Statement: NJ loses 50 acres of open space per day

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Open Space Basics

What Is It?
Open space is any undeveloped land. It can be a farm, a township park, a ball field, a vacant lot, etc. Hamilton has an Open Space and Recreation Plan that inventories and categorizes all open space within the Township.

Statement:  85% of Hamilton is already developed.

Where Is It?
Part of Hamilton's Open Space and Recreation Plan is a map that identifies the various types of open space in the township.

Why Save It?
  • Photo of trail into the woodsThere should be a balance between developed and undeveloped land.
  • Protection of wildlife and habitat.
  • Flood prevention.
  • Aquifer recharge.
  • Lessens pollution - air, noise, light.
  • Lessens congestion.
  • Provides recreation.
  • Aesthetic value of our natural environment.
  • Saves tax dollars that support development.
How to Save It
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